Water Supplies & Sewage

Human communities water supply and wastewater collection and forwarding of different ways one of the most important challenges on the human civilization. Iranians for the first time, with the construction of a permanent water supply aqueduct were for towns and villages in the fertile plains situated downstream in the heights of the figure. Today is also in our region (the Middle East) is the subject of transferring water between basins, control, filtration, and water supply to the towns and villages and a very important priority to industries.


Recently also planned to use purified effluent in some agricultural activities and industry and replace it with a higher quality waters that now are used in its activities in order to provide food security and healthy drinking water, taking advantage of the attention the company in earnest.


Sample of experiential background in water supplies and sewage

row subject of contract date(since 2008 to 2013) amount of contract(us dollars) client
1 supreme and site inspection to supply Mashhad water through replacement of refined sewage with agricultural water 2008 79,000 Khorasan Razavi regional water
2 supreme and site inspection and water transmission line from Korit dam 2008 592,000 Yazd regional water
3 supreme and site inspection for water transmission plumping operation from Sangerd dam to downstream fields 2008 310,000 Khorasan Razavi regional water
4 third stage engineering services of supplementary operation of Amanli diversion dam and pump station in Raz Jargalan 2009 350,000 North Khorasan regional water
5 first stage studies of Abbas Abad dam transmission line 2009 112,000 Khorasan Razavi regional water
6 second and third stages studies of supplying Mashhad water through replacement of refined sewage with agricultural water(Mashhad water treatment plant from Arefi river) 2008-2010 185,000 Khorasan Razavi regional water
7 first and second stage studies of water transmission line to Darband dam coastal fields 2010 180,000 North Khorasan regional water
8 studies of water transmission line from Narmanshir dam to Bam and Bam water treatment plant 2011 550,000 Kerman regional water
9 the third stage studies of water transmission line erection and water treatment plant for Bam and Barawat drinking water 2012-2013 2,962,000 Kerman regional water
10 studies for water transmission line, pump station and water treatment plant of Talvar dam 2013 562,000 Zanjan regional water