Almost all human structures on the ground and the right understanding of the physical, mechanical and engineering properties of soil and rock parameters of the first data for the design and implementation of construction materials, while the quality of the fittings and the continuous control/rods as well as run and even then this is almost 20 years old that is uninterrupted and maharab soil research company for various employers do take place and are Now one of the reference laboratories in the field of soil mechanics and testing materials to.


The company projects conducted by a wide range of administrative tasks and studies including drilling, field tests, classification, physical and chemical tests, mechanical tests and amphibious operations, control engineering, control the operation of the asphalt concrete quality control tests, operations control, materials and welding quality control tests, materials, research on reinforced concrete and stone, injections, up dirt, a variety of methods to protect Earth Gables including the nailing and candles and. ..The specific structures and Foundation design, industrial and special studies are followed by poor soil and alluvial and meaningful review of the issue and takes place over the course of the past 18 years, in the form of more than one hundred projects.


Sample of Geotechnical executive records

row subject of contract date(since 2008 to 2013) amount of contract(us dollars) client
1 establishing the control laboratory of soil and concrete operation for Shirin Dareh dam 2008 428,000 Khorasan Razavi regional water
2 to control Korit and Nahrain dams operation 2008-2009 2,187,000 Yazd regional water
3 geotechnical studies and operation control of Doosti dam transmission line 2008-2009 1,132,000 Khorasan Razavi regional water
4 to control soil and concrete operation of Harrirud water treatment 2009 163,000 Khorasan Razavi regional water
5 establishing local laboratory of Bojnord cement factory 2010 208,000 No 16, Mir Emad St, Ostad Motahari 14th ave, Tehran
6 geotechnical studies and soil mechanics of constructing path of the water transmission line from Narmanshir dam to drinking water treatment plant in Bam 2011 171,500 Kerman regional water
7 geotechnical studies and soil resistance laboratory of the Safa dam position and Baft water treatment plant 2012 550,000 Kerman regional water
8 to control welding operation by the radiography method for water transmission line project from Safa dam to Kerman city 2012-2013 373,000 Kerman regional water
9 to control excavation and concrete placing operation throughout Mashhad city 2011-2013 1,384,600 Anbooh Sazan co.