dam construction

Dam Construction

Dam has the size of the history of civilization. The Persians of antiquity ever due to the limitations of water resources to harness and control surface waters have special attention.

Since 1996 the dam construction company activities simultaneously in the fields and Executive projects. In all the years I have tried also the company due to the realization of sustainable development, as well as the importance of respecting the safety and efficiency of the dam than doing and control stages of field visits, studies, social studies, historical and cultural options, environmental, geotechnical, antiquities, groundwater and geology, soil and rock mechanics, seismicity and earthquake, architecture and sealing and tourist hydrogeology, structures and buildings, roads and campgrounds, quarries, weather, hydrology, hydraulics, mechanical and electrical installations, instrumentation and Monitoring, and the need for remediation and plant ... Complete and with minimal need to change, take action.

Because the show is so far 12 studies and monitoring of dam project in the company completed or in progress and almost all the fields at the end stages of projects approved at the company's technical Office of Iran water resources management within.


Sample of experiential background in water sources and dam construction

row subject of contract date(since 2008 to 2013) amount of contract(us dollars) client
1 first stage studies of exploitation handling and dam construction on Amand and Garmab rivers and hydrothermics to provide agricultural water for Ghare Meydan fields 2008 516,000 North Khorasan regional water
2 Korit and Nahrain dam, strengthening the old and historic korit dam and water transmission line in Tabas town 2008 266,700 Yazd regional water
3 first and second stages studies of the reservoir dams on bayous Atrak river(Darband reservoir dam) 2008 944,650 North Khorasan regional water
4 third stage studies of transmission lines and irrigation and drainage network of Sangerd, Sabzevar 2008-2009 670,000 Khorasan Razavi regional water
5 first, second and third stages studies of Arefi tunnel 2008-2010 1,652,000 Khorasan Razavi regional water
6 first, second and third stages studies of Siahoo reservoir dam 2009-2013 1,185,000 Khorasan Razavi regional water
7 first, second and third stages studies of dam and irrigation and drainage network on bayous of Atrak river(Ghezeldash) 2011-2013 1,985,000 North Khorasan regional water
8 first, second and third stages studies of dam and irrigation and drainage network on bayous of Atrak river(Soombar) 2011-2013 1,185,000 North Khorasan regional water
9 Third stage studies of Harat reservoir dam 2011-2013 2,340,000 Yazd regional water