key personnel

Maharab consists of more than 180 staff among wich 125 members have PHD, Ms and BS degrees in 6 main fields of study. Furthermore, the company benefits from part-time services of 12 university professors.

A brief list of key personnel and their of expertise and position is presented in the following.

  • Mohammadreza Kakhi P.H.D in Hydraulic Geotechnic Chairman of board of directors
  • Naser Ghasemizaveh M.S in Civil Engineering Deputy chairman of board of derectors and managing director
  • Ali Asghar Ariayi P.H.D in Geology Member of board of directors
  • Babak Sedighian Astaneh M.S in Civil Engineering Technical office manager
  First & Last Name Degree Fields of Study Year of Graduation Responsibility
Hamed Moghadas MS Hydraulic Structure 1999 Administrator water waste and sewage
Saeed Abedini BS Irrigation 1995 Irrigation & Drainage Administrator
Ali Akhtarpour PHD Civil Engineering 2011 Geotechnical Administrator
Alia Akbar Nasiri BS Civil Engineering 1992 Executive administrator
Shahrouz Dolatmoradi BS Civil Engineering 1997 Contracts Affair Administrator
Saeed Rasooli MS Civil Engineering 1995 Geotechnical tests Administrator
Jamshid Attarbashi MS Geology 1982 Drilling and Injection Administrator
Abbas Javaheri MS Geology   Geotechnical Expert
Mohhammad Mahdifar MS Civil Engineering   Laboratory Administrator
Mohammad HashemToumaji MS Geodesy & Surveying   Technical Studies Expert
Behrouz Mo’aven BS Power Electrics   Technical Studies Expert
Hamid Ghasemi BS Mechanics   Technical Studies Expert
Hamideh Jargeh BS Irrigation   Laboratory's Irrigation
Seyed Alireza Hedayati BS Mechanics   Laboratory's Expert
Ehsan Saebi BS Agriculture   Studies Expert
Rahil Taraghi BS Agriculture   Laboratory's Expert
Amir Reza Biabani BS Civil Engineering 1997 Supervisor
Nahid Alimohammadi Zare BS Geology 2004 Laboratory's Expert
Ashraf Athari MA Accountant 2002 Financial Manager
Maryam Moghaddam BS Computer Engineering 2004 IT administrator
Toktam Mahmoodi BS Computer Engineering 2005 IT Expert