Introduction of Maharab Consulting Engineers Company

Company Profile

Maharab Soil Investigation Consultant Engineering Company has been established in 1994 with registering number 8838. The company is aimed at performing consulting engineering services in the fields of materials testing, geotechnical and water supplies development, as well as road and structure building. The company founders consisted of outstanding experts and faculty members with expertise in dam construction, irrigation and drainage, water conveyance, geothechnics and materials testing. From the beginning, the company was equipped with rather complete field and laboratorial instruments for soil, rock, concrete and asphalt related projects.

Scope of the Activities

Based on the obtained official permissions and the functional work experiences, the company's current activities are mainly in the fields of water supplies development(dam construction projects), river engineering, drainage and irrigation networks, water conveyance, swage round up and treatment, flood control design, agricultural, livestock and natural resources, mapping and GIS surveys, geotechnical and material testing studies, excavation, foundation design and calculation, air and water pollution, environment and traffic studies.

Future Strategies

Possessed with the dominant human and equipment supplies the company attempts to consist on the quantity-quality improvement policies and client-employer ongoing communication with customers home and abroad. It has now turned its attention to collaborative projects of EPC or BOT, and is willing to participate in such projects. In the same line, it has signed a permanent agreement with a leading industrial manufacturer of hydro mechanical equipment for dams, water supplies and transmission lines.

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